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Vintage chairs, 1970s, BLACK frame, lot of 6

Manufacturer: Stol Kamnik, Slovenia, Yugoslavia

Materials: metal frame, plywood (LAMINATED)

Colour: Black frame, ligh brown LAMINATED seat and back

Dimensions: H – 80 cm, D – 39 cm, W – 39 cm, seat H – 44 cm

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Dining Chair

Period: 1960s

Country of Manufacturer: Slovenia/Yugoslavia

Materials: wood, plywood, faux leather

Colours: burgundy, wood

Condition: very good original vintage condition, fully functional

Style: midcentury modern, classic

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Vintage dining chair with cane seat and back



Period of production: 1960s

Style: vintage, classic design, midcentury modern

Materials: wood,vienna cane

Colour: brown

Dimensions: H: 93cm, W: 40 cm, D: 55cm, Seat Height: 44cm

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Dininig Chair

Period: 1970s

Manufacturer : Javor Pivka, Slovenia/Yugoslavia

Style: Midcentury Modern

Materials : Wood, Plywood, Faux Leather

Colour: Wood, Brown

Condition: Very Good Vintage Condition, signs of age and use

Dimensions: H=77.50cm, W=43cm, D=43cm, seat H=46cm

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Vintage Dining chairs

Period: 1980s

Manufacturer: Javor Pivka, Slovenia/Yugoslavia

Materials: Beech wood, cord

Colour: Brown

Condition: Very good vintage condition, few traces of use, undamaged

Dimensions: H = 80 cm, W = 43 cm, D = 41 cm, seat hight: 45 cm


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Plywood, faux leather, metal

This small yet beautiful chair is perfect example of minimalistic mid century design. Solid metal frame and plywood covered win black faux leather bring elegant esthetics to your home or office.

Producer: Stol Kamnik, Yugoslavia, cca1960

model: 4250





seat h: 43

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Set of 6 Dining Chairs

Period: 1960s

Country of manufacturer: Slovenia/Yugoslavia

Style: midcentury modern, scandinavian

Materials: wood, plywood, faux leather

Colour: rosewood

Condition: Original vintage condition, signs of age and use, beautiful patina

Dimensions: H=82cm, W=45cm, D=42cm, Seat height=45cm

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Dining Chair 

Manufacturer: Javor Pivka

Country of Manufacturer: Slovenia/Yugoslavia

Period: 1970s

Style: mid century, danish classic

Materials: wood, faux leather

Condition: very good original vintage condition, few traces of use

Dimensions: H – 80 cm, D – 39 cm, W – 44 cm, seat H – 44 cm

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Rare Dining Chairs, cane seat and back;

Material: wood, cane;

Period: 1970s;

Style: Mid-century;

Condition: Original condition (broken parts of cane on back rest);

Restoration of cane can be done if the buyer wants.

H-98, W-44, D-45, SH-45

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Bentwood cane white chairs.

Period: 1940s

Materials: bentwood, cane

Colour: white
Condition: Good condition, Original vintage condition, Light scratching and wear to the wood around.

Seat Height: 47 cm
Overall Height: 115 cm
Width: 44 cm
Depth: 44 cm

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Lounge chair

Designer: Niko Kralj

Manufacturer: Stol Kamnik, Slovenia/Yugoslavia

Period: 1960s

Style: mid century modern, classic, scandinavian

Material: plywood, metal, faux leather

Colour: burgundy, black

Condition: very good original vintage condition, slight traces of use, firm

– height: 72 cm
-width: 51 cm
– depth: 51 cm
-Seat height: 34 cm
-Seat width: 50 cm
– Seat depth: 41 cm

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Material: wood, leather

Period: 1930s

Country of Manufacturer: Austria

Condition: Good vintage condition

Dimensions: h= 111 cm, d= 84 cm, w=66,5 cm


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