About Us

It’s not about us. It’s about you. It’s about you because you share the same passion and philosophy with us. We try to save furniture, lamps and other objects that would otherwise be dumped in the dustbin of history, and you help us with that. Together, we maintain an unforgettable design that has stood the test of time, as well as maintaining well-made items that have gained some patina over the years, but have not lost their basic useful value. These are products that are nicer and better over the years. These are products that evoke emotions with their aesthetics while telling a story. Let’s write these stories together.

We are a family business inspired by a love of history, design and aesthetics. We are a socially responsible company, so we follow ecological solutions, reuse and the zero waste idea. Produce less, reuse more. Recycle, upcycle, always think twice.

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Meet us

AjdaArt director
TitaContent manager
IgorGeneral director
MihaCustomer service